Find answers to the most common questions about Lexmark OnePrint.

1. What is print subscription?

Lexmark OnePrint is a monthly print subscription programme for toner cartridges and maintenance that is based on the number of pages you print. You choose the print subscription level that works best for your print volume needs.  

2. How does Lexmark OnePrint work?

Lexmark OnePrint is based on the pages that you print, not how many cartridges you need. For as little as £15,98, a business can print 500 pages/month and Lexmark will provide print subscription cartridges and maintenance whilst you are in the programme.

We send you a Genuine Lexmark print subscription cartridge when you first sign up. Lexmark OnePrint will monitor your cloud connected printer and send replacement print subscription cartridges as scheduled.

3. Which plan is best for my business?

When selecting a plan, consider the average amount of pages you print within a 6-month period. Why? Lexmark OnePrint doesn’t penalise you for going over one month due to seasonal printing. We realise your business is dynamic so we created a plan that will be dynamic with you. 

If you choose a plan that doesn’t cover your business needs, no problem! We work together to ensure you are on the correct plan for your business.

4. Where is Lexmark OnePrint available?

Lexmark OnePrint is available in France, Germany, and the UK. Lexmark OnePrint will soon be available in the U.S. and Canada also.

5. What do I need to enroll?

It is simple to enroll in Lexmark OnePrint. To sign up for Lexmark OnePrint, you will need: 

  1. A Lexmark printer, eligible for the programme. Check to see if your printer model is eligible here.
  2. Your device will need to be connected to the internet and enrolled in Lexmark Cloud platform. We will provide simple instructions on how to keep your device cloud connected during the enrollment process.
  3. Next, we will need to set up your account. Within your account, we will need your email, shipping location, and payment info. 

6. Is my printer eligible for Lexmark OnePrint?

7. Why should I only use genuine Lexmark toner? 

Genuine Lexmark Supplies perform best together with our printers, giving you the advantage of consistent, reliable printing and professional quality results. Choose Genuine Lexmark Supplies for outstanding value, selection and environmental sustainability. 

For more information, read: Why Choose Genuine Lexmark Supplies?

8. What will I receive when I join Lexmark OnePrint?

You will receive peace of mind knowing that Lexmark OnePrintTM will reliably send you a print subscription toner cartridge when your business needs it, without you needing to search for a cartridge in stores or online. You will also receive our extended maintenance package with Lexmark OnePrintTM.

Read more about the Services included in your OnePrintTM Subscription. 

9. How many devices can I add to my account?

Unlimited. You can have one device on the account or as many as your business needs. We are here to serve you and your printing needs.

10. Should I sign up if I still have toner left in my current cartridge?

Absolutely! We automatically dispatch a cartridge when you sign up for the programme. You will have a print subscription cartridge on hand when your current cartridge runs out, instead of trying to time it perfectly. And you can choose to delay your next dispatch or keep it on schedule. 

11. Will I get cartridges every month?

We will ship print subscription cartridges when you need them. Obviously, your plan will reflect your print volume.

12. When does billing start and how does it work?

Billing starts when you sign up for the subscription programme and we will bill you at the same time each month. It’s as simple as that. Since your billing fees will be the same month after month, we will not alert you prior to your bill. You will receive a copy of your invoice showing that payment was made. 

13. What if I don’t know how many pages I print?

It’s no problem if you don’t know exactly how much your business prints each month. Lexmark OnePrint has a “most popular” plan that we recommend. We will let you know if we see any major differences from what you have chosen.

14. What if my printing needs change from month to month?

We realise that no two business are alike and printing needs are not the same throughout the year. Lexmark OnePrint will monitor your print needs based on a 6 month rolling average, so if you go over your normal print volume one month, you should be OK. Lexmark OnePrint will contact you if your print needs are drastically different from your plan. Otherwise, print reliably and relax.

For more details, see the  Lexmark OnePrint Terms and Conditions.

15. What happens if I don’t use all my pages?

Lexmark OnePrint will monitor your usage. If you notice that you are signed up for a tier that provides much more than you need, you can work with our support team to adjust your plan. Feel free to contact them here.

16. How long does it take if I make changes to my plan or cancel?

You can cancel your printing plan or change your plan at any time. To change your plan or cancel your service, sign into your account here.   
You can upgrade your plan at any time. Payments for the upgrade will be reflected in the next billing cycle.  
Cancelling your plan will take effect at the end of your billing cycle. You can choose to pay for the remaining toner in your print subscription cartridge in the last billing cycle or return the cartridge to our recycling centre.  
For more details, see Lexmark OnePrint Terms and Conditions

17. Can I still use my printer if I cancel my subscription with Lexmark OnePrint?

YES!!! We will not lock out any Genuine Lexmark Supplies from your device, ever. We will be sad to see you go, but your printer is still in good hands with Genuine Lexmark Supplies

Feel free to order supplies from our store.

18. Can I still use the print subscription cartridge if I cancel the service?

Yes, you can choose to pay off the remaining toner in your print subscription cartridge (at a reduced rate) and recycle the cartridge when are you finished. 

19. Is the cost the same for photos, colour and black and white pages?

Yes! Lexmark print subscription only supports black and white devices for now, but we will be supporting colour in the near future. 

20. How do I recycle the subscription cartridges?

The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme (LCCP) is our free and easy recycling programme. Please go here to get information on returning your cartridge to Lexmark so that we can recycle and reuse it.

21. How can I see my usage and billing?

Log in to your Account Dashboard to see despatch schedules and payment info. 

22. What happens if my credit card expires or is cancelled?

We will contact you via email to let you know of the missing payment if your credit card is declined. There are no penalties if you update your payment information quickly after you receive the email. 

For more details, see  Lexmark OnePrint Terms and Conditions

23. How do I identify which plan I have enrolled for?

Log into your Account Dashboard to see details about your plan. Feel free to upgrade your plan if needed. 

24. How will Lexmark contact me if there is an issue?

We will initially contact you via email. We know how busy you are, so we will drop you an email and you can address any issues when you have at the time. Our support team might also need to contact you by phone if email isn’t working or we haven’t received a response.  

25. Why do I have two confirmation numbers on my order confirmation page?

One confirmation number refers to your subscription plan order; the other refers to the actual print subscription cartridge that will be despatched to you.